Sunday’s Sermon

A short sermon today, dear readers, so that you can get outside on this beautiful fall day and enjoy the smells, the colours, and the feel of autumn. It is spectacular here on Vancouver Island at this time of year, and I hope beauty surrounds you wherever you may be!

I want to relate a little story from our family past that has become more important to me than when I first used it in my book, Reading the Bible.

When our first son was about four he went to play school one day and immediately went over to an easel and stood there holding a brush ready to start painting. The teacher came up behind him and said, “What are you going to paint?”

“God,” he said.

“And do you know what God looks like?”

“I will when I finish the painting,” he said as he began to paint.

Isn’t that an amazing insight? Why do I find it important?

We do indeed give form and meaning to concepts and ideas in works of the imagination that we create including paintings and stories. Think for a moment of the Christian hero, Jesus. There is a sense in which Jesus is a model for human beings to follow. He was a man of his time who held the assumptions and beliefs of his era. He is portrayed as a charismatic man who lived with intense purpose and drive, who had an existential thrust to his life, who cared deeply about human beings, and who wrestled with profound questions of ethics. The stories that grew up around him have affected the world for two thousand years and have touched the deepest parts of our humanity with their simplicity of image and their promise of “salvation”. [RTB]

I think of the Gospel writers as being like my young son.

Do you know Jesus? “I will when I finish my story.”

One thought on “Sunday’s Sermon

  1. Right on! We do project our own images, ideas, feelings into the external world and then think that those projections are Reality. Your simple little story of your son’s painting experience does resonate!


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