Of interest

Switzerland Not Eager to Introduce Sharia
Social anthropologist wrote a paper suggesting the idea, wiser heads prevailed.
Date filed: 25-01-2009

Vatican Accuses Obama of Arrogance
Religious dictator chosen by groupuscule of priests accuses democratically elected president of arrogance.
Date filed: 25-01-2009

Obama Makes al Qaeda Desperate
Bush was the perfect recruitment poster, Obama not so much.
Date filed: 25-01-2009

Reasons for Hope and Caution
‘It is too easy to dismiss the symbolism of this particular election.’
Date filed: 24-01-2009

Taliban Destroy 5 Schools in Mingora
Girls banned from school, women not allowed to go shopping, bodies dumped in the square.
Date filed: 20-01-2009

Lifting of global gag rule celebrated worldwide
S.F. Chronicle (Opinion)– Obama lifted the global gag rule on Friday, to the cheers across the globe.

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